Monday, June 4, 2012

Creating the Best Place for Learning

I'm in a new, dual role for the 2012-2013 school year, elementary principal; I'll continue my work as Director of Teaching and Learning. It's exciting to continue to help my district move towards its vision of transforming education and I couldn't be more excited about my new role as principal.

When stepping up to the helm of a new leadership role, one has a great opportunity to have people reflect on what great things are already happening, areas we can improve, and supports people need to accomplish the lofty expectations of improving student learning for all. From the reflections, we can chart a path that meets the needs of each learner. I see students and teachers as learners in our building and I believe supporting teachers as learners results in improved student learning.

So to start off my summer of transition into my new role, I am asking our staff simple questions. What are we doing well? Where can prioritize our focus for improvement to make the biggest impact for students? How can your principal help support you?

Besides staff interviews, I plan on using a questionnaire I tweaked using Breaking Ranks work. This survey will be given in the fall and the baseline data will help our staff plan for the areas we see as biggest need. Our PLC's are already well in place, so using the data to determine action steps will be a process with which most staff are very familiar.

I look forward to the conversations with each and every elementary staff member over the summer and at the start of the school year. I look forward to the new challenge and am thrilled to be part of the Van Meter Schools in this new role.

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