Monday, February 8, 2010

Having a hammer doesn't make me a carpenter

I recently read a blog post about the release of another piece of technology, the iPad, and how it won't change education at all.
I totally agree that technology does not an education make. Our kids are not smarter just because we purchased laptops or Elmos or more projectors. Our teachers are making our kids better. Teachers are able to change the way they teach because of the access to information that our kids now have. A computer will "NEVER make a large-scale impact on education unless you consider it the catalyst for..." better teaching. Our school district is changing education. It's unfortunate that it is so difficult to do. The legislative rules make it hard to change, but that isn't stopping us. It can be done. I am sure other districts out there are doing it too. The iPad, or any one piece of equipment, will not change education. We must do that ourselves. Networking the knowledge on the internet is part of the answer.

The author and I share some of the same viewpoints.
Ahh, the power of social networking to make a person think!

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